2019 Indian Winter

Make sure to register for the 2019 Indian Winter as it promises to be one of the best events of the year. Whether you're interested in ceremonies, AIA, leadership courses, or just want to have fun, you can find it all at Indian Winter.

We plan to offer training activities on the four different ceremonies and the principle roles. This will give participants a better understanding of their purpose within their lodge's ceremony team and the impact it makes on new candidates. A brand new addition will be the Mock Ceremony Evaluations in the afternoon. These will be judged based on the Conclave judging rubric in an effort to prepare ceremony teams to compete at the 2019 Conclave.

If you are interested in American Indian Activities (AIA), we will offer sessions on the different types of dances and drumming techniques used by drum and dance teams. In other sessions, participants will learn about Native American culture and history. As a core component of our organization and the Indian Winter event, AIA will take center stage during our Saturday Night Show.

Another key area will be of leadership development and other training activities. Courses by guest trainers will include mock National Leadership Seminar (NLS) sessions, the new Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) program, and a Q&A about the Journey to Excellence (JTE) Program. Others will include promotional sessions on the 2019 Conclave and the World Scout Jamboree. On Friday night, a camp-wide leadership session will be held for all of the youth in the dining hall.

The 2019 Indian Winter will end with a Countdown to Conclave on Sunday morning. An exclusive to this event will be a section t-shirt only available for pre-order and pickup at Indian Winter. We hope to see you at the 2019 Indian Winter on January 11-13 at Camp Tukabatchee. Remember to use the official hashtag: #indianwinter2019 to have your photos featured before and throughout the weekend.

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