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Section Leadership

Section Chief - Joseph Barnes

Joseph Barnes is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member from Aracoma Lodge in the Black Warrior Council. He was inducted into the order in 2015, achieved Brotherhood status in 2016, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2017, and received the Vigil Honor in 2018. He has previously served as the section secretary and section vice chief. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys traveling and watching soccer.

Section Vice Chief - Tyler Wright


Tyler Wright is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member of Coosa Lodge. He serves as the SR-9 Section Vice-Chief and on National Leadership Seminar Staff. Tyler is a junior at Oneonta High School and he enjoys to take photos, participating in graphic design, and hanging out with his friends.

Section Secretary - Joey Fletcher


Joey Fletcher is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Waguli Lodge. He is serving as the SR-9 Section Secretary. He is homeschooled, and a Junior. Outside of Scouting, he plays in orchestra, and is an amateur radio operator.

Adult Leadership

Section Adviser – Greg Moore
Associate Section Adviser – Ken Barton
Associate Section Adviser – Craig Rotter
Secretary Adviser – Daniel Giles
Webmaster Adviser – Mike Bazonis
Staff Adviser – Hayes Looney