Section Officers
Section Chief
Nathan Moore
Section Vice Chief
William Mitchell
Section Secretary
Patrick Mapp
Nathan William Patrick Mapp
Lodge: Coosa
Council: Greater Alabama Council
Years in Scouting: 11
Positions Held: 2012 & 2013 Section Vice Chief, Lodge Vice Chief
Awards: Eagle Scout, Arrow of Light, Vigil Honor
School: Crossroads Christian School
Lodge: Alibamu
Council: Tukabatchee Area Council
Years in Scouting: 8
Positions Held:  Lodge Chief, Lodge Treasurer, 2013 Section Secretary
Awards: Eagle Scout, Arrow of Light, Vigil Honor
School: Prattville High School
Lodge: Ini-to
Council: Flint River Council
Years in Scouting: 4
Positions Held: Lodge Chief, Chapter Chief
Awards: Lodge Cheerful Service Award, 2013 Shows CVC
School: SkipStone Academy 

Section Adviser
Mr. Devlin Cooper
Associate Adviser
Mr. Greg Moore
Associate Adviser
Mr. Larry Newton
Staff Adviser
Mr. Dwight Kerr


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