Conclave 2013 - From the Spark Grows the Flame

  2014 Conclave Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should attend conclave?

        All Arrowmen who are registered with any of SR-9's twelve member lodges are welcome to attend! We encourage each Scout to come out to conclave in April with their best spirits, ready to fellowship, and have fun with others in their own lodge and make some new friends!

  2. When should I arrive on Friday?

        On a typical conclave Friday, camp opens up for registration around 3:00 PM. Registration ends at 9:00 PM, but we prefer for Arrowmen to gather for 7:00 PM. Lodges should plan to arrive in groups and carpool.

  3. What time does conclave end on Sunday?

        Conclave usually ends at 10:00 AM Sunday morning after the awards ceremony and final recognitions.

  4. What can Arrowmen do at conclave?

      There will be a variety of activities for all Arrowmen offered at conclave. Between Quest events, special events, ceremony competitions, and patch trading/auctions, we can tell you that there is no such thing as boredom at an SR-9 conclave. There will also be competitions for websites, publications, and displays along with training seminars. There will be special events for the lodge advisers that are still to be determined. This year, the section leadership is looking for ways to 'reinvent' conclave, and this will make this annual gathering better than conclaves from years past!

Conclave Event and Registration Information

    Date: April 25 - 27, 2014

    Location: Moundville Archelogical Park

    Section Conclave Fee: $29.50 ($46.50 late fee after 3/31)

    Lodge Conclave Fee: Please see your lodge leadership for your lodge's specific fee.

    Section Deadline to Register: 3/31 (After 3/27, there will be a $46.50 late fee)

    Lodge Deadline to Register: Please see your lodge leadership for your lodge's registration deadline.



                                                                                       Conclave Contact Information

Service Lodge Chairman: Nathan Giles

Service Lodge Adviser:  Scott Stephens

SLR Chairman and SLR Host Lodge Chairman: Jacob Schlies

  • Conclave Planbook

  • Conclave Registration Forms - Lodge use only - Individuals contact your lodge

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