LAP Schedule
With our section becoming stronger as a whole, it is my duty as Section Vice Chief to insure that the foundation of our section (lodges) remains strong thorough this year and the ones to come. I, along with my advisers and other section officers, have come up with a new way to fit our section's needs by tweaking the LAP visits. This program will be more meaningful in the way it is performed. You can always reach me on Facebook or at

LAP Year Lodge Lodge Lodge
2010-2011 Alapaha Immokalee Pilthlako
2010-2011 Echeconnee Waguli Coosa
2011-2012 Egwa Tawa Dee Mowogo Alibamu
2012-2013 Aracoma Chattahoochee Ini-To
2013-2014 Waguli Coosa Echeconnee
2014-2015 Mowogo Alibamu Egwa Tawa Dee
2015-2016 Chattahoochee Ini-To Aracoma
2016-2017 Coosa Echeconnee Waguli
2017-2018 Alibamu Egwa Tawa Dee Mowogo



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