Section Awards

As part of the inaugural SR-9 Conclave, new awards were presented at the 2009 conclave. See the individual conclave pages for full award details each year.

Conclave Attendance Award

The award is presented to the lodge that meets expected attendance quota and has the most attendance using the formula determined by the: average distance traveled in miles X number of participants = chartered membership where average distance traveled in miles = distance from council office to camp. (Service lodge is exempt from winning this award)
2009 Chattahoochee Lodge
2010 Waguli Lodge
2011 Aracoma Lodge
2012 ?? Lodge

Conclave Spirit Award

This award combines conclave spirit with conclave participation which reflects on the overall spirit of conclave... the spirit of conclave IS participation! SO, with this award, we create criteria that combines the whoop it up with the getting your lodge members to experience all of conclave. This award will be given to the lodge who best meets the criteria, as determined by the Section Chief.
2009 Alibamu Lodge
2010 Mowogo Lodge
2011 Waguli Lodge
2012 Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge

Lodge of the Year Award

This award combined the criteria for Section Honor Lodge, Conclave Attendance Award, and Conclave Spirit Award giving us a Lodge of the Year. This was awarded from 2009 to 2011.
2008-2009 Aracoma Lodge
2009-2010 Waguli Lodge
2010-2011 Mowogo Lodge

Best All Around Lodge Award

This award scores lodges on every aspect of a lodge's year round program plus conclave participation. This was first awarded for the 2011-2012 program year.
2011-2012 Alibamu Lodge

Section Honor Lodge

The 2009-2011 Section Honor Award was based on several criteria: National Quality Lodge, national participation, regional participation, conclave participation, and conclave attendance.
2009 – Alibamu, Aracoma, Coosa & Waguli Lodges
2010 – None
2011 – Alibamu, Aracoma, Mowogo, Echeconee, Chattahoochee, Coosa & Waguli Lodges

The 2012-2013 Section Honor Award requires a lodge to score 80% of the pre-conclave Best All Around Lodge points plus have 15% of their chartered membership in attendance at conclave.
2012 - Chattahoochee & Echeconnee Lodges

The Elgixin Award

"The Elgixin Award" - given to the lodge who was found most worthy in carrying on the traditions of the Native Americans. Elgixin means "The worthy one" in Lenni Lenape.
2009 Coosa Lodge
2010 Coosa Lodge
2011 Waguli Lodge
2012 ?? Lodge

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